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      公司为德国Zarges 公司中国区域代理。这家公司在生物危险品包装、运输方面引领全球市场。我公司秉承着积极创新、质量第一的经营理念,随时了解客户需求,与制造商及用户间保持长期良好的关系,协助制造商创造更有弹性的运筹力,并重视技术服务, 提供客户超值完美的服务方案,以达成对客户的承诺,做到让客户最满意的医疗器械生产商、供应商。





      Established in 2005, Beijing XinYe RuiFeng Technology Co. Ltd. is the early company to operate Biohazard Logistic transport Materials in China and is one of the  internationally Authorized company to operate Biohazard Logistic transport Materials. Chinese entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention certified to use. Our Exclusive of Biohazard Logistic transport Materials has won the bidding for China Global Fund TB project in the year 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010. In 2007 we won the bidding from Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Then, in 2008 we also won the bidding for Beijing Olympics Medical Healthcare and Guarantee, as well as the bidding for Beijing Health Bureau as the urgent purchasing.

      We are  important agent for ZARGES Germany in China. This company play the leading role in the market of the whole world. We have been adhering to the ideas of active innovation and quality first. We go out of our way to find out the customers’ needs at any case, and establish a good relationship with our customers and manufacturers. We are trying to help our manufacturers to create a more flexible planning and management and attach importance to the technical services. Our goal is to provide the valuable and perfect service program, to keep our promises to our customers and to be the most satisfactory medical equipment supplier.

      The company is dedicated to users and partners to provide remote intelligent monitoring things networking products, systems and services, intergrated domestic and abroad to the forefront of cable, wireless sensor network product design, development, manufacture and the sale in a body. Companies rely on tsinghua university computer science department, tsinghua university things networking research center, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics instrument science and photoelectric engineering institute, has the domestic first-class hardware and software research and development strength, for medical pharmaceutical, food processing, agricultural research, biochemical laboratory, meteorological, logistics transportation, environmental protection and other industries to provide temperature and humidity, pressure and gas concentration real-time monitoring, alarm and record solutions.

      Our belief is respecting science, practicing innovation, serving health and citizens. We’re dedicated to serving the medical treatment and health, serving the disease control and prevention of the whole country, as well as serving all humans.

      Our executives have been cooperating with famous foreign companies for many years and own extensive international management experience. Based on the people-oriented, positive and innovative belief, our new team is progressing and prospering.

      We welcome to establish more partnership in the future.

      Warmly welcome any ambitious person for further development and bright future.